Speed boat trip with Eric


This speed boat trip is all about having an unforgettable cruising experience on a private speed boat together with your family, partners and friends.

As part of this boat trip you will get to enjoy from travelling through the crystal clear water of the South East coast lagoons of Mauritius with breathtaking sceneries. You will discover the small islands situated along the South East coast ( Iles aux Aigrettes, Ile aux Phares, Ile de la Passe, Ilot Flamants, Ile aux Cerfs and, Ilot Mangenie) the waterfalls of Grand Riviere South East which is the only waterfall accessible by speed boat, snorkel inside the magnificent lagoon and enjoy bar services on boat.

When boarding, you will encounter a warm and friendly atmosphere. Your Captain Eric has a life-long experience on sea and is also an accomplished fisherman; he knows the lagoon very well and will bring you to snorkel in the best places. You are sure to be in the safest and most knowledgeable hands. He is there to make sure you enjoy every minute of the trip, informing you about the different sights you see on the way and make sure you are enjoying and having a memorable trip. He is the only skipper, who guides his clients in and outside the water, thus offering to all his guests an exclusive and personalised service.